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Black / Gold LA style

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Jersey Info
Price: $
Athletic Knit

Note: Size XXXL are +$4, Goalie sizes are +$7

Note: This jersey is MADE TO ORDER, and will ADD 2-3 WEEKS TO PRODUCTION TIME.

Note: This is a lightweight jersey. We do not recommend 2+ color sewn-on twill options or other 'heavy' decoration options such as embroidery.

Note: This is DISCONTINUED until supplies last, stock is not guranteed.

Note: Goalie sizes for this style are Youth XL, Adult L, the standard Adult 4XL

Note: Goalie sizes in this style are available in Adult S, Adult L, Adult XXL and the standard 4XL.

Want to learn more about our different decoration options? Scroll to the bottom of the page for photo examples.

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Note: All pricing assumes a minimum 12 jersey order

**If you are looking for film lettering, select the film crest option. **

4. Personalization

Note: All pricing assumes a minimum 12 jersey order

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Note: If you're looking at multiple of our offerings (ex. for both jerseys and custom hats), feel free to send any number of quotes. Make sure the contact email is the same and we will send quotes in one go!

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How do our options differ?
Front Crest Options

Our absolute best seller for a reason. Incredible durability, professional finish, with a balanced cost.

We take specialty inks and dye your artwork into a piece of white fabric. Your design is cut out, placed onto the jersey and then sewn on.

Simple time tested design. Your team name is cut out of fabric and the letters are individually sewn onto the jersey.

Want this done in film? Select "Film Crest' as your option.

Our most economical option, perfect for simple designs and light weight jerseys. Your design is cut out of vinly film, and then pressed into your jersey.

What is your "3+ Color Versacamm Film"?
Our Versacamm option allows us to do more complex and colorful designs with film. It has the same lightweigtt feel as regular film.

For the most discerning jersey designers or those seeking the most professional finish. Your design is digitized and precisely stitched onto a piece of fabric. The design is cut out, placed onto the jersey and then sewn on.

A more specialized twill crest with a sewn on finish. In custom cut twill, different elements in your crest are cut out of coloured fabric. The pieces are pressed and sewn together onto a background fabric, and then the whole crest is sewn onto your jersey.

Interested? Send us over your crest and we will see if the logo is eligible.

Names and Numbers

Numbers are cut out of fabric and sewn onto your jersey. For names, letters are individually sewn onto a namebar, and then the namebar is sewn to your jersey.

Numbers and names are cut out of vinly film and pressed directly to your jersey.

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