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Jersey Ordering Guide

Team jerseys in 4 simple steps:

01 Start with a Clear Budget

Gather the team together and decide on a clear budget per player. Do you want something economical, mid way, or top of the line?

02 Start Designing!

Have an artist on the team? This is where you think about colors and logos. If you don't have a logo, let us know your ideas and our in-house artist can create one!

03 Personalize your Jerseys

Get your name and number on your jersey to make it your own.

04 Get a quote

Don't worry! There's no commitment to a quote. Before placing your order, you will approve an invoice, mockup, and confirm your roster. Transparency is key.

1. How much do jerseys cost?

Showcasing Jerseys at 4 Price Points
An Economical Choice ~$15-$40
Long lasting, budget friendly, and gets the job done with style

Recommended Jersey Options
League Jerseys

Recommended Customization Options
Film crests
Film names and numbers
A Perfect Balance ~ $40-$100
Our best-selling and most flexible price range. The perfect balance between durability and value.

Recommended Jersey Options
Pro Jerseys

Recommended Customization Options
Sewn-on Twill Crests
Sewn-on Twill names and numbers
Custom Sublimation ~$74
Perfect for teams with many crests or looking for an all over design. Since everything is printed onto the fabric, you pay a flat price for all the cresting and personalization.

Recommended Jersey Options
Custom Sublimation

Recommended Customization Options
All names and numbers are sublimated into the jersey!
Lasts a lifetime ~$100
The price point for the most discerning players. In this premium range , some teams opt for a custom sublimated all over design, and have the numbers, names and crests sewn on for more dimension.

Recommended Jersey OptionsCustom Sublimation
Pro Jersey

Recommended Customization Options
Custom Cut Twill Crest
Embroidered Crest
Sewn-On Twill Names
Sewn-On Twill Numbers

2. Start designing!

Already have a logo?

Your logo should be submitted as a vector format such as .ai, .eps or .svg etc. If your logo is in .jpg, .png, .gif , bmp or tif or needs to be altered there will be an additional charge to get artwork ready for printing.

In Need of a Logo?

All of our stock logos can be changed to match your team colours and name.

Graphic Logos

Looking for an "NHL-esque" crest like these?
We can modify your favourite team's logo with your team name and colours. Just send over your ideas.

Have a unique idea?
Send over an idea or sketch and we'll have our artist take a shot at it!

Text-Based Logos

Super Hero 2
Super Hero 1
Straight 2
Straight 1
Slanted 2
Slanted 1
Semi-circle 2
Semi-circle 1
Bridge 2
Bridge 1
Script 2
Script 1
Reverse Bridge 2
Reverse Bridge 1
Reverse Arch 2
Reverse arch 1
Bookends 1
Bookends 2
Pennant 2
Pennant 1
Italic 2
Italic 1
Double Bridge 2
Double Bridge 1
Diagonal 2
Diagonal 1
Script and Tail 2
Script and Tail 1
Ranger 2
Arch 1
Arch 2
Film or Twill
We can use either film or sewn-on twill options to match your budget. For sewn-on twill orders, the price of the crest depends on how many characters are in the team name.

Logo Positions

Our most typical crest positions
  1. Front Crest
  2. Left Chest (may intefere with captains tags)
  3. Right Chest
  4. Left Shoulder
  5. Right Shoulder
  6. Under numbers (typically a sponsor tag)
  7. On Bottom Stripe (dependent on jersey)

3. Personalize your Jerseys

Five options for cresting

1. Film (Most Economical)

We cut your design out of a special film, and then use a heatpress to bond the film to your jersey. Whether your art is 1, or 2+ colours affects the price and method we use!

2. Sublimated Twill (Best Seller)

The perfect balance between durability and cost. We dye your crest into a piece of twill fabric, and then sew the fabric to your jersey.

3. Step Lettering

Your team name individually lettered across the front of your jersey. This can be done in film or sewn-on twill depending on your budget.

4. Embroidery (Pro look and feel)

The top of the line option! Nothing beats the professional look, feel and durability of a fully embroidered crest. Your logo is finely stitched into a piece of twill fabric, which is then sewn onto your jersey.

5. Custom Cut Twill

A more specialized option for those who want a top of the line option for simple logos. We custom cut the different elements of your logo out of fabric, and sew these elements onto a base.

Two options for personalization

1. Film

Our most economical option, we cut names and numbers out of vinyl and press them directly to the jersey.

2. Sewn-On Twill

Have what the pros wear. Numbers are cut out of twill fabric and sewn on to the jersey. Names are sewn onto a namebar, which is then sewn onto the jersey.

Our Font Selection

We default to a classic and timeless athletic block font for most text-based crests. Depending on the jersey / team you are trying to emulate, we will always attempt to match the font. We can also work with a custom font supplied by the client.

Jersey Size Charts

View the size charts for all of our hockey jersey offerings here

View on site

4. Ultimate Pricing Guide

For a breakdown of all of our personalization costs, download our pricing guide. It is available to download and print, feel free to bring it to the next team meeting.
Let's get working!
At our company, we pride ourselves on transparency, which means you'll never be hit with any hidden fees or charges.

With our upfront pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that you're getting a fair and competitive quote for your custom jersey needs.

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